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Meet our Presenters

  • Francine St George
    Francine St George

    Francine is the founder of PCAA, and is well known throughout Australia for her innovative ideas and integrative approach to injury and pain management as well as for her popular workshops designed for Health Professionals. She is also founder…


Upcoming Courses

  • Neck, Shoulder & Rib
    Neck, Shoulder & Rib
      *Course Date: 19th & 20th August 2017
    Quick tips to identify if c-spine is contributing to shoulder pain;
    Fun shoulder exercises that ensure patient compliance;
    & How to treat rib pain

    The integration of neural,…

  • The Back Pain Course
    The Back Pain Course

    *16th & 17th September 2017
    - Do you find back pain challenging to treat?
    - Are you prescribing the same exercises for each patient irrespective of their directional bias, postural type or flexibility?
    - Is your patient 100% actively engaged in their…

  • TMJ, C-Spine & Intro to Cranial Course
    TMJ, C-Spine & Intro to Cranial Course

    * 18th & 19th November 2017
    - Do you feel confident assessing and treating TMJ when a client presents with neck pain or headaches?

    - Do you routinely ask questions about your client’s last dental visit? Do you evaluate teeth…