Neck, Shoulder & Rib

Neck, Shoulder & Rib

Neck and ShoulderIn this course you will learn:

  • Quick tips to identify if CSpine is contributing to a shoulder pain
  • Fun shoulder exercises ensuring patient compliance at that are easy to advance
  • How to treat rib pain.

Workshop Content

  • Refine neural and muscle tests
  • Identify significant trigger points
  • Significance of 01/C1 contribution to shoulder pain
  • Treatment for Ribs
  • 2 minute Tq’s to eliminate the Cervical or Thoracic Spine component of a shoulder problem
  • Quick tips for the client to learn how to downtrain phasic muscles prior to even commencing any stability work
  • Basic neck and shoulder stability and stretching and progressions – many fun exercises for excellent patient compliance
  • Simplifying shoulder taping for postural correction

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Course Date: 19th & 20th August 2017 (1.5 days)

Course Fee: $690  - includes DVD of all the Neck & Shoulder soft tissue techniques covered in the course.

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