Francine St George

Physiotherapist/Sports Scientist
MSc (Med) BSc (NSW) PGD Physio PGD Sport Sc
Member Australian Physiotherapy Association


“Current research and advances in technology have greatly improved our understanding of pain. It is also now much easier to determine the appropriate exercise or treatment technique for each client. After 36 years of clinical practice, I feel confident teaching a system of assessment that makes treating even the most complex patient easy. Whether you are an experienced Physiotherapist needing an injection of new ideas, or a new graduate wanting to apply all of your knowledge to your clinical practice, you will find a PCAA workshop that suits you. I look forward to meeting you soon!” ~ Francine St George

Francine, founder of Physio Coaching Academy Australia (PCAA), has been presenting courses for health professionals and the general public since 1982, both nationally and internationally. Francine is well known throughout Australia for her innovative ideas and integrative approach to injury and pain management as well as for her popular workshops designed for Health Professionals.

Francine is also the founder of Physio Posture Fitness located in Randwick, NSW, Australia, where she continues to treat elite athletes and others with complex musculoskeletal conditions. Her key expertise is using her assessment system to identify the original contributor to a pain and getting the client to learn techniques and exercise to ease secondary compensations for a long term solution.

Francine’s Masters degree (from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Sydney) reflected her particular interest in elite athletes. Her thesis topic was, Investigation of the Lumbar Disc of the Elite Athlete using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

Francine has written a number of books; her most recent release is

The Back Pain Handbook, New ways to recover and keep fit. 

Available from

The practical techniques taught in the PCAA workshops are also available as DVD’s and downloads available at