The Back Pain Course


Treating back pain – made easy.

This course is based on Francine’s newly released book – The Back Pain Handbook.

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Using a methodical assessment system, combined with the most recent research on the science of pain, treating back pain can become logical and easy.

In this course you will learn:

1. How to do nerve tests to determine if there is an underlying  upper or lower limb neural influence.

2. Based on your neural findings, both you and your patient will be able to identify which specific stretch, stability or strengthening exercise is appropriate for them.

3. Innovative stability exercises that ensure patient compliance, irrespective of fitness level.

4. Specific exercises for directional bias and postural type .

5. Strategies to get your patient moving from day 1 if they present with a locked back.

This course is suitable for physios with less than 10-15 years clinical experience interested in improving and streamlining how to treat back pain. It is also ideal for practice owners requiring assistance with training their new graduates.

Singing turtleNext Course Date: TBC (1.5 days)

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Course Fee: $770 - includes all training materials, and a copy of the book.

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