Courses At Your Clinic

A course at your Clinic

Are you interested in a PCAA course at your clinic?



If you are a group of Physios and have 8 – 10 people who are keen to do an inservice, Francine welcomes the opportunity to offer one of our courses at your practice.

The course can be streamlined to be either 1 day, 1.5 or 2 days.
Your location and proximity to Sydney will also determine how many hours the course needs to be.


Basic teaching requirements:

  • Space for 1 table per 2 students
  • 1 pillow and 2 towels per plinthe
  • White board
  • Projector (laptop as back up)
  • Internet connection
  • Extension cords/power board
  • Space to do practical exercise
  • For the RTUS workshops; 1 RTUS machine per 2 course participants is ideal
  • Catering organised onsite


  • Flight/accommodation reimbursement


PCAA courses include:

  • Pre -reading
  • Comprehensive course notes (to be printed by the Course organiser)
  • DVD of the practical techniques – where applicable
  • E book for each member attending The Back Pain Course
  • Exercise program sheets included in the course notes


Please contact Francine directly or speak to the Clinic Coordinator at our Sydney practice for further information and details