Alex Sherborne

Alex Sherborne
B. Phty UQ, Cert Acup, Cert Pilates Physiotherapist


Alex graduated from the University of Queensland in 1985 and has worked nationally and internationally for over 30 years. He has post graduate studies in manipulative therapy, Chinese acupuncture, Classical Pilates, Men’s health and Sonography. He has a special interest in the athletic shoulder and the cervical spine.

“I started using Real Time Ultrasound in Practice with Dr Julie Hydes and Dr Carolyn Richardson in 1993. It began my fascination with the technology, the wide variations in human anatomy and biomechanics, and the limitations to some of the joint tests that we continue to use. I found Alison Grimaldi’s work into using RTUS to rehabilitate the neck and shoulder, Stuart Baptist’s course in Men’s Health and Peter Esselbach’s Musculoskeletal Ultrasound for Physiotherapists supported my interest in RTUS as a diagnostic and treatment tool. It helps to expand your understanding of the musculo-skeletal system and clarify your treatment decisions.”

Alex is the inventor of NeckTek (Internationally patented) neck exerciser and cervical muscle strength and stability tool. His invention supports his philanthropic work in the South Pacific through Vanuatu Earthbag Building