Alla Melman

MScMed (PainMgt), B. App. Sc. (Phty), Cert Yoga, Cert Acup (Dry Needling)

APA Pain Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor









Alla is an experienced physiotherapist holding the title of APA Pain Physiotherapist. She completed a Masters of Science in Medicine (Pain Management), using this to further assist her clients with longstanding Musculoskeletal conditions. She is currently completing a Clinical Research Fellowship at Western Sydney University, exploring the role of virtual reality gaming in treating back pain. She will be presenting her findings at an international rehabilitation conference in late 2018.

She is also a yoga teacher and Pilates instructor and has been teaching yoga and Pilates based physiotherapy exercise classes for over 12 years. Alla has been teaching Advanced Sports Injuries at Endeavour College of Natural Health in Sydney as well as  teaching anatomy and physiology courses to yoga teacher trainees.

Alla is also a Research Officer at the School of Public Health (University of Sydney); enabling physiotherapists around the world to access the highest quality research regarding evidence based practice, and thereby improves their clinical outcomes.