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TMJ 101: A Muscle, Joint and Exercise Approach for the Treatment of TMJ Plus Practical

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“An integral component of treating any cervical or thoracic pain or headaches, is assessing if there is TMJ dysfunction. This joint is used more than any other joint in our body, yet is so often overlooked.

By the completion of this course, you will have the confidence to not only evaluate and treat local TMJ dysfunction but be able to assess if the TMJ is contributing to pain distal to this joint.

Once you start to treat TMJ routinely as part of your repertoire you will find you will very easily broaden your referral base. When dentists start to refer to you for a posture and TMJ assessment, prior to them fitting a splint for their client – you know you have made a breakthrough!

Throughout the course, I will guide you on how to assess your own jaw and methodically step you through how to do internal and external muscle TMJ releases. You will find this extremely helpful, as you will then know what your client should be feeling, when you treat their TMJ.

Enjoy your learning!



This course reviews the functional anatomy of the temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) and covers muscle, joint, neural and exercise techniques to assess and treat TMJ disorders. Often your client will present with neck pain or headaches and not be specifically pointing to their jaw as the possible source of their pain. In this course you will learn how to use neural testing to assess and identify if the TMJ is contributing not just to cervical, head or face pain but also to any upper (or lower) limb pain. There is also a demonstration of how to teach cervical spine flexor and extensor stability and strengthening exercises from basic recruitment to intermediate progressions

Practical Session:

Once you have completed the Online Course you can book your Team in for a Practical Session. Requires 4 minimum and 6 Maximum for the Session, so is ideal for clinics with a Team of Practitioners. This Session allows each person to check the practical TMJ and Neural techniques taught in the Online Course. The Session is run by either Francine or one of our Senior Physios at our Clinic in Randwick, Sydney Australia.

Course includes:

  • 6 Modules
  • 4 hours self-paced Training
  • 6 interactive videos of hands-on Practical Techniques
  • Comprehensive Course notes
  • Includes Pre-reading and Anatomy review resources
  • Certificate on Completion
  • PLUS Two hour Practical Session with Francine St George and Team

Upon completion, you will understand the essentials to be able to treat any TMJ disorders or pain more confidently. You will also learn a streamlined system of assessment using neural testing for the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine. This will enable you to identify the drivers of your client’s pain and ensures active engagement from your client, in both their management and recovery.

Module Details:


Learning Outcomes:

At the completion of this course, you will know:

  • How to assess TMJ movement and how to correct alignment
  • TMJ Muscle releases and joint mobilisation Techniques – external and internal
  • Exercises for the TMJ to correct malalignment
  • Techniques for downtraining SCM and upper trapezius
  • How to incorporate the VOR and COR to improve cervical spine muscle strength
  • Correct cueing for recruiting and retraining the deep neck extensors and flexors
  • Details of the O1/C1/C2 myodural interconnections and their correlation with the deep neck extensor muscles
  • Why neural glides for both the upper and lower limb may be influenced by TMJ dysfunction
  • How to use a streamlined system to assess the drivers of your client’s pain, in particular, cervical or lumbar pain
  • When it is appropriate to refer your client for dental assessment to improve their TMJ pain or dysfunction

About Practical Sessions:

You must have completed all 6 Modules of the Training and received your Course Certificate to do the Practical Session. You may book the practical Session in advance at the time of your Purchase, or leave until you have completed the Course.

In this Session you will have the guidance of an experienced Physio to provide 1:1 hands-on practical for all the TMJ Techniques and the Neural Drivers System of Assessment covered in the Online Course.


  • Days: Wednesday & Thursday
  • Time: 12.30 – 2.30pm

(Saturday: 1 – 3pm)

Numbers of Therapists:

  • Minimum = 4
  • Maximum numbers: 6

All therapists doing the Practical Session must have completed the Online TMJ 101 Course-  Plus Practical Session.

Note: A 10% Discount is offered for Group Bookings greater than 5.

To Book this Practical Session please contact us at and we will forward the next available Days/times to you. If you are requiring alternative times to these designated Sessions, please clarify this detail with us.


Location: Our Practical Sessions are run at the Physio Posture Fitness Clinic in Randwick, Sydney.

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