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Francine St George completed a Bachelor of Science (Anatomy) in 1977, a Post Graduate Diploma in Physiotherapy in 1979, a Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Science in 1982 and her Masters in Medicine in 1999.

Francine’s Medical Masters’ thesis topic was “Investigation of the lumbar disc in elite athletes using Magnetic Resonance Imaging.”
Throughout her 30 years of clinical practice, Francine has travelled and worked with many elite sports teams. She also lectures and trains Physiotherapists and other practitioners, including Pilates Instructors, Massage Therapists and Exercise Physiologists, nationally and internationally.








Francine St George

Personal Comment

“In my Physiotherapy training, I found the major focus was on understanding joint movement and function. Having studied anatomy originally, I was very aware of the muscle, neural and fascia system and its obvious continuum. Over the years I became increasingly aware of how easy it was to release a muscle and see an immediate increase in range of motion.

Much of Physiotherapy is focused on easing pain and improving function. My greater concern is always “why is the pain there in the first place?” e.g., what biomechanical reason or muscle imbalance could be causing the pain?

The use of Real Time Ultrasound in clinical practice to assist with diagnosis and muscle retraining has helped refine how I teach exercise. In my courses, I am now able to pass on these findings along with my extensive years of clinical and research experience.

Using a biomechanical and muscle imbalance approach combining all elements of muscle, fascia and neural techniques makes even the most complex patient easy to treat.

I am still passionate about every patient I work with. I look forward to working with you to share my passion and clinical expertise.”