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Video – Soft Tissue Technique – Cervical Spine

Cervical Spine – Supine:
In this section, Francine demonstrates doing myofasical releases for the cervical spine. Often when someone lies prone it is difficult to release the trapezius and it can also be quite painful. Doing this myofascial release supine can not only be very effective, but also a lot less painful.

There is also an introduction to cranial techniques, but it is recommended that you have studied some craniosacral therapy to be effective with these techniques. The basic TMJ, suboccipital and the parietal techniques are still very effective and you do not need to have any cranial experience to do these. With a tight neck pectoralis minor is often tight, so a soft tissue release of this muscle is also demonstrated.

Demonstrated techniques:
01. Sternocleidomastoid
02. Myofascial Release Trapezius
03. Basic TMJ
04. Cranial Technique
05. Suboccipital Release
06. Pectoralis Minor

Cervical Spine – Prone:
With the patient lying prone soft tissue techniques for the upper cervical spine are demonstrated. When someone has pain under the shoulder blade it can often be because ribs 2 – 5 are in a posterior position. Some basic techniques to ease this pain under the shoulder blade are demonstrated.

Demonstrated techniques:
07. Soft Tissue and Basic Rib Techniques

Duration: 13.30 mins

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