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Video – Soft Tissue Technique – Lower Limb

Lower Limb:
This section shows some very effective techniques for release of the muscles of the lower limb. Whether you are wanting some new ideas for massage or needing to release these muscles to treat a lower limb musculoskeletal disorder (i.e. groin injuries, knee pain, shin splints etc), you will find these innovative techniques very effective and helpful to use as part of your repertoire.

Demonstrated techniques:

01. Iliotibial Band & Basic Hip Mobilisation

02. Adductor Releases

03. Patellofemoral Pain

04. Peroneals/Tibialis Anterior

05. Hamstring Release

06. Flexor Hallicus Longus
Lower Limb – The Foot:

Francine also demonstrates soft tissue techniques for the Achilles tendon and the plantafascia, using a tool that can be more effective while working under the sole of the foot. Ideally you will have reviewed previous sections to gain a full appreciation of the soft tissue techniques being taught here.


When you have a reactive tendonitis, that is one which is very inflamed, these techniques are not ideal. Likewise if you have an Achilles tendinopathy, it is more helpful to do eccentric exercise and use soft tissue techniques as an adjunct only.
Demonstrated techniques:

07. Achilles Tendon

08. Plantafascia Release
Duration: 12.50 mins

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