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Video – Soft Tissue Technique – The Back

The Back: In this section Francine demonstrates basic soft tissue release techniques for the thoracic and lumbar spine. Whether you are a massage therapist or other Health Practitioner you will gain some helpful hints for how to be more effective with soft tissue techniques of the mid and lower back. A technique called cupping is also demonstrated, specifically on the upper trapezius and the mid thoracic region.

Caution:You need to be careful who you use this cupping technique on (i.e. not with clients with sensitive skin). However, it can greatly save your hands if you are working with athletes and doing massage regularly.

Demonstrated techniques:

01. Erector Spinae

02. Levator Scapulae & Rhomboids

03. Quadratus Lumborum

04. Piriformis

05. Gluteus Medius & Minimus

06. Cupping
Duration: 13.07 mins

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