TMJ, C-Spine & Intro to Cranial Techniques (1.5day)


This workshop will review the functional anatomy of the temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) and cover muscle, joint, neural and exercise techniques to assess and treat TMJ disorders. Typical problems of TMJ seen clinically will be addressed.

This workshop will also cover an introduction to craniosacral therapy techniques, and how these techniques can be used to treat TMJ disorders, headaches, whiplash injury, and other musculoskeletal problems. Integrating TMJ and cranial techniques to treat cervical spine conditions will complete the course.

Topics include

  • An overview of TMJ anatomy; joint, disc, ligaments and muscles
  • Ideal mechanics of the TMJ and typical clinical presentations
  • The clicking jaw
  • Splints
  • Working with your dental referrers
  • Typical radiological presentations

You will learn

  • Self- assessment of TMJ
  • Exercises for TMJ alignment and stability
  • Dynamic neural glides that are influenced by TMJ dysfunction
  • O1/C1/C2 myodural interconnections influencing upper c/spine musculature
  • C5/C6/C7 mobilisation in a functional position to assess the influence on TMJ
  • Techniques for downtraining SCM and upper trapezius
  • Eye/neck stability exercises
  • Balance exercises to improve deep neck extensor and flexor strength
  • TMJ Muscle releases – external and internal
  • External joint mobilisation – external and internal
  • Neural testing to eliminate contribution of upper or lower limb neural tension on   TMJ pain
  • Anatomy review of cranial bones, sutures, foramens and introduction to cranial techniques


Here’s what our students have to say…

“Great combination of theory & practical – Anatomy revision is priceless!” – Aaron Austin (East West Physiotherapy)

“Very informative & good amount of practical and feedback” – Min Tze Chew – (Sydney Advanced Physiotherapy)

“Big plus is the small group and Francine is so passionate which makes it fun to listen to her” – Yvonne. C

“Loved it! learnt so much and feel confident to try the techniques on leaving the Course” – Beth. T


This course is suitable for practitioners of all levels of experience. It is particularly suitable if you are wanting to expand your professional referral base. FREE: you will receive a copy of The Back Pain Handbook E-book when you enrol in this course.


TMJ Agenda 2021

Course Date & Times (1.5 days):

Dates: June 5th & 6th – Fully Booked!

New Dates TBD

Saturday 1pm-6pm, Sunday 9:30am-5pm

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Course Fee: $770

Early Bird Fee: $690