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The lecture component of the training sessions is kept to a minimum. You will be sent pre- reading to provide a background and overview of the most current research on each specific topic. We only take 8 – 10 participants in each session to ensure we can offer personalised tuition and time for practical experience. Courses are Saturday 1 – 6pm and Sunday from 10am-5pm. Snacks, Sunday lunch and training materials are provided. 

We offer 1:1 Training at our physio clinic in Sydney. This is ideal for learning RTUS or TMJ if you are unable to make it to one our courses or workshops. It is best to book this for 1.5 – 2 hours at a minimum. It is ideal to bring a friend or colleague so that you have someone to do the practical session with. These sessions are usually offered during the week, ideally Wednesday or Thursday between 10 and 3pm. Other times are available upon request. Your 1:1 training session will be with one of our Senior Physiotherapists – who this is, is dependent on the time that you book. Please email; for further details. 

All Courses and 1:1 sessions can be counted towards your CPD log. You will be issued with a Certificate with the details and hours of training of the session you have attended. 

The training is ideal for physiotherapists working in clinical practice treating musculoskeletal conditions as we use the terms and baseline skills that are familiar to Physiotherapists. If you are an Osteopath or other Allied Health Professional, an Exercise physiologist, Exercise and sports science graduate, Massage therapist or Pilates teacher, you are most welcome to attend. If you are unsure if a specific Course is suitable for you, please do connect with us.   

Your skills are assessed and refined throughout the practical components of each workshop; there are no tests or exams as such.

Workshops are held at our clinic The Physiotherapy, Posture and Fitness Clinic; Randwick, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. We are approximately 30 – 45 minutes from Sydney Airport. See the “Contact Us” page for our location, public transport, and parking options.

We offer Online Training for TMJ and one Module of this Training demonstrating Francine’s Refined system of Assessment using neural testing, is also available.

We also have downloadable clips available of the Practical Techniques taught in our Courses. And you will also find a lot of helpful Information on our YouTube Channel.

PCAA YouTube

We welcome your email questions.  If you have attended a course previously, please email your queries to  and we will pass these on to our presenters. You may also want to organise a 1:1 training session with the presenter at our clinic to review the techniques you have learnt in a course. 

Both the TMJ Online and the Workshop Courses cover how to assess and treat the TMJ using a neural drivers, exercise and manual therapy techniques approach to treatment.

The advantage of the workshop is that there is a lot of focus on the Practical Sessions of what’s covered in the Online Training.

The Workshop also goes through an Introduction to Cranial Techniques using neural testing to assess their effectiveness.


Here are some short clips of Francine teaching TMJ:

Assessment of Thoracic spine mobility and its influence on the TMJ by Francine St George

Assessment of Alignment & Opening of the TMJ by Francine St George

Eye Neck Stability Exercises by Francine St George

Treatment of the TMJ by Francine St George

Neural Testing for the TMJ, Cervical and Lumbar Pain by Francine St George

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