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About Physio Coaching Academy

Physio Coaching Academy Australia was established in 2010 by Francine St George to provide mentorship and further learning and education opportunities for new graduates and other Health Practitioners. Physio Coaching Academy Australia offers a range of Courses, both in-person and online, and has run over 120 Courses and trained over 1400 Health Professionals during this time.

Francine is well known throughout Australia for her innovative ideas and integrative approach to injury and pain management as well as for her popular workshops designed for Health Professionals.

The range of courses reflect Francine’s research and clinical expertise and include:

Workshop Courses:

  • TMJ, Cervical Spine and an Introduction to Cranial Techniques
  • Exercise Programming – Stability & Strengthening
  • The Locked Back

Online Courses:

  • TMJ: An Exercise, Neural and Joint Approach to Treatment
  • Using Neural Testing to identify Drivers of Pain

Francine’s expert team of Physios, that she has worked with professionally over the years at her Sydney Clinic assist her as tutors on both the PCAA Workshop Courses; and for the Practical Sessions that are offered as part of the Online Training.

“The ongoing positive feedback from my patients and the over six thousand students that have attended my Physio courses, both nationally and internationally, fuels my motivation and passion to keep treating and teaching for a long time to come!”


Meet Francine

Francine St George

Francine St George completed a Bachelor of Science (Anatomy), a Post Graduate Diploma in Physiotherapy, a Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Science and a Master’s in Medicine. Francine is a Certified Neuro Athletics Coach as well as a published author of five books, her most recent “The Back Pain Handbook”.

With over 40years of clinical practice, Francine has travelled and worked with an extensive list of elite sports teams globally. Francine has also travelled extensively teaching Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Dentists, Exercise Physiologists, and other health practitioners, locally and internationally.

Francine established the Physiotherapy Posture and Fitness Clinic in Randwick, Sydney, in 1999. Francine continues to work as a clinician and Founded PCAA in 2010.

Francine’s specific interest in TMJ developed while she was working in her previous private practice at the University of Sydney. She regularly treated dental students and lecturers who were experiencing TMJ, posture and ergonomic related pain. This was the catalyst for her developing her TMJ Courses and she commenced teaching this to both Dentists and Physios.

“In my Physiotherapy training, I found the major focus was on understanding and treating joints. Having studied anatomy originally, I was very aware of the muscle, neural and fascia system, and its obvious continuum. Over the years I became increasingly aware of how easy it was to release a muscle and see an immediate increase in neural mobility and joint range of motion, without even mobilising a joint.

Much of the short-term effects of Physiotherapy treatment is focused on easing pain and improving function. While this is important, particularly for the client, my greater concern is always ‘why is the pain there in the first place?’ e.g., what biomechanical reason or muscle imbalance could be causing the pain? And, as is now widely accepted by our profession, how can the person change their perspective on their pain, to allow the healing process to commence!”

The use of Real Time Ultrasound in clinical practice has also assisted greatly in clarifying diagnosis and totally refined how we teach recruitment of muscles which are inhibited by pain. Using a biomechanical and muscle imbalance approach combining all elements of muscle, fascia and neural techniques makes even the most complex patient easy to treat.

“It took me many years to refine and develop, but I now feel confident in sharing my streamlined systemised approach to identifying the drivers of a client’s pain. This is a combination of well researched techniques, dialoguing with colleagues, and the clinical expertise gained from having treated, as a conservative estimate, over 60,000 clients these past years!

Offering my Courses online allows me to engage an even broader audience of health professionals.

I look forward to working with you to share my extensive clinical expertise and passion in your endeavour to help as many clients as possible, over the span of your career.”


Meet the Team

Alex Sherborne

B. Phty UQ, Cert Acup, Cert Pilates Physiotherapist


Alex graduated from the University of Queensland in 1985 and has worked nationally and internationally for over 30 years. He has post graduate studies in manipulative therapy, Chinese acupuncture, Classical Pilates, Men’s health and Sonography. He has a special interest in the athletic shoulder and the cervical spine.

“I started using Real Time Ultrasound in Practice with Dr Julie Hydes and Dr Carolyn Richardson in 1993. It began my fascination with the technology, the wide variations in human anatomy and biomechanics, and the limitations to some of the joint tests that we continue to use. I found Alison Grimaldi’s work into using RTUS to rehabilitate the neck and shoulder, Stuart Baptist’s course in Men’s Health and Peter Esselbach’s Musculoskeletal Ultrasound for Physiotherapists supported my interest in RTUS as a diagnostic and treatment tool. It helps to expand your understanding of the musculo-skeletal system and clarify your treatment decisions.”

Alex is the inventor of NeckTek (Internationally patented) neck exerciser and cervical muscle strength and stability tool. His invention supports his philanthropic work in the South Pacific through Vanuatu Earthbag Building.

Alla Melman

MScMed (PainMgt), B. App. Sc. (Phty), Cert Yoga, Cert Acup (Dry Needling)

APA Pain Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor, PhD Candidate 


Alla is an experienced physiotherapist holding the title of APA Pain Physiotherapist. She completed a Masters of Science in Medicine (Pain Management), using this to further assist her clients with longstanding Musculoskeletal conditions. She currently combines Clinical work at the Physiotherapy Posture and Fitness Clinic in Randwick, Sydney with her post graduate studies. Alla is completing a PhD at the University of Sydney, focussing on low back pain.

Alla has tutored for undergraduate and postgraduate physiotherapy courses at the University of Sydney, as well as taught anatomy and physiology courses to yoga teacher trainees. She is also a Yoga teacher and Pilates instructor and has been teaching yoga and Pilates based physiotherapy exercise classes for over 16 years.

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