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Exercise Program Sheets


Exercise Program Sheets with the exercises* you prescribe in the clinic daily

An invaluable resource for any Physio clinic, enabling you to give your patients easy to use

exercise programs with pictures and text to help them with their recovery.


  1. Neck and Mid-Back Stretches and Stability and Posture Tips
  2. Shoulder Stretches, Stability and Basic Strengthening
  3. Hip and Leg Stretches
  4. Hip Flexor and Back Releases; Nerve Mobility and Basic Stability
  5. Back and Hip Stability; Level 1
  6. Back and Hip Stability and Strengthening; Level 2
  7. Neural and Posture Exercises; Basic Stability and Stretching
  8. TMJ and Basic Neural and Eye/Neck Stability Exercises

* All exercises extracted from The Back Pain Handbook and Francine’s New Bodyworks Book 

You can download these sheets and start using them immediately


We have had fantastic feedback from Physios using The Back Pain Handbook in the clinic. We’ve also had numerous requests as to whether the exercises can be copied for your patients.  We have now made this much easier for you. The 8 program sheets cover the routines that we use most commonly in our clinic. There are a few extra exercises included in some of these regimes. These sheets can be handed to your patient, used in your gym or included in your clinic software program for easy access.

We really hope you find these programs helpful and welcome your feedback.

Thank you Sinead Barton, Clinic Coordinator – Physio Posture and Fitness Clinic

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