TMJ, C-Spine & Introduction to Cranial Techniques

Cranial Techniques

- Do you feel confident assessing and treating TMJ when a client presents with neck pain or headaches?

- Do you routinely ask questions about your client’s last dental visit? Do you evaluate teeth alignment or grinding in relation to neck pain?

- Do you know when a referral is necessary for consideration of a night splint, to assist in resolving cervical spine symptoms?

Course Date: 2018 course date TBC

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Neck, Shoulder & Rib


The integration of neural, muscle and joint techniques to treat neck and shoulder pain and corrective exercise programming that the patient will enjoy. Francine’s system of assessment and treatment will comprise the practical component of this course.

  • Quick tips to identify if CSpine is contributing to a shoulder pain
  • Fun shoulder exercises ensuring patient compliance at that are easy to advance
  • How to treat rib pain.

Course Date: 2018 course date TBC 

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The Back Pain Course

Bad Back


- Do you find back pain challenging to treat?

- Are you prescribing the same exercises for each patient irrespective of their directional bias, postural type or flexibility?

- Is your patient 100% actively engaged in their treatment program?

Course Date: 2018 course date TBC

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Real Time Ultrasound & Exercise








In this workshop you will learn how to use RTUS effectively and efficiently to enable your patients to understand core stability.

You will also be introduced to neural techniques and learn phasic muscle downtraining, using RTUS – to refine and improve your exercises programming.

You do not need a RTUS to attend the course, but are welcome to bring one along if you do.

Course Date: 2018 course date TBC

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