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The Back Pain Handbook


Recover from back pain with humour and exercise

Back pain is no laughing matter, but perhaps it should be. Research shows that if you use a bit of humour to help you deal with your aches and pains, you will recover more quickly.

Advances in technology now reveal more about back pain and how you can manage it better. Back pain can slow you down, interfere with your activities, alter your thinking and restrict the daily life decisions you make. It does not have to be this way.

During even one episode of back pain, physical and emotional changes register in the brain. The physical effects include the muscle weaknesses that occur and the way the body learns to adapt to them. The emotional result is how you alter your thinking and make changes in your lifestyle, without even realising that you have done so.

This book will help if you are exhausted, tired of having to live with back pain and ready to learn:

how to strengthen your core muscles to prevent your back from locking
why previous injuries can hamper your recovery from back pain and how you can change this
exercise and solutions for your back and for your whole body, for better posture and fitness, and
strategies to get you through an acute episode and prevent longstanding back pain.

For Health Professionals:

  • Summary of Exercise Routines at the end of each chapter: Chapter 6….etc – Preview
  • Stories from the clinic: Chapter 7: – Preview
  • A detailed explanation of an exercise in chapter 8 – Preview
  • An example of a Daily Routine PagesPreview


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